The Liberal Catholic Church International 

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A Statement from the Presiding Bishop

A sick and hateful young man has murdered 50 or more people in Orlando, Florida. He specifically targeted LGBT people in a nightclub. According to his father, he was enraged at the sight of two men kissing in a public venue sometime recently. He also may have connections to a radical hate group which uses horrific violence to promote their political agenda.

Remember, however, that the real divide is not between East and West. It is not between Christian and Muslim. It is not between straight and LGBT.

The real divide is between those who practice hatred and violence and bigotry - regardless of the faith or philosophy they profess - and those who walk a path of love, inclusion, and equal rights for all.

In His Holy Name, and in memory of those who perished,

The Most Reverend Bennett D. D Burke, Presiding Bishop, Liberal Catholic Church International