The Liberal Catholic Church International 

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The Charles W Finn Theological Seminary...

Was originally the St Alban Theological Seminary. Formed in 1923 it is the official seminary of the Liberal Catholic Church International. Courses include: Church History, Doctrine, Scripture, Liturgy, Theology, Spirituality, Counselling, and Homiletics. 

After being accepted into the seminary, students normally matriculate into one of three tracks:

1. Study for postulants to Holy Orders
2. Study for those seeking certification in Lay theological studies
3. Study for those interested in personal enrichment

A student’s course requirement may be waived depending upon his or her academic background and life experience. Please remember, however, that acceptance to the Seminary does not guarantee acceptance as a candidate for Holy Orders, as certain residency requirements, time for discernment, and the express recommendation of one’s Bishop must be included for elevation to Orders.

All courses are taught in a distance-learning format, whereby students enrol in a given course, are presented with a course syllabus, and then complete assignments at a pace agreed upon by the student and instructor. Normal completion times vary per course, but, generally, students might expect to complete a given course in one month. The instructor will try to make themselves available via post, email or telephone to answer questions which might arise. Once the student successfully completes a course they will be instructed to move onto the next. 

Upon completion of all specified course work, students are awarded a Certificate of Completion by C.W Leabeater Theological Seminary. No claim of academic accreditation is made. Our primary purpose is to provide training for Christian Ministry within the Liberal Catholic Church, Even so, we welcome all those with intellectual curiosity regarding matters theological, historical and spiritual, and we hope to provide a challenging yet rewarding experience for all who aspire to the Higher Call of service in Christ.

Matriculation Tracks
Track  One: Postulant for Holy Orders
Students who successfully complete the courses (excepting those for which they might have received credit) are eligible to receive the Certficate  (DEMO VERSION!)of Theological Studies from C.W Leadbeater Theological Seminary. Their eligibility for Holy Orders remains at the discretion of their Ordinary, but they will have completed the required academic training. 

Track Two: Lay Theologian
Students who successfully complete two courses each from the following list of subjects shall be eligible to receive the Certificate of Lay Theological Studies from C.W Leadbeater Theological Seminary. 

Biblical Studies (100, 101, or 102); Church History (100, 101, or 102); Theology (100, 101, or 102); Liberal Catholic Theology (100,101, or 102); Spirituality (100,101, or 102).

Track Three: Special Student
Students who wish to take courses purely for personal enrichment may certainly do so, yet they must still be formally admitted into the  Seminary. Such students will not receive certification unless they formally petition for admission to either Track One or Two. Generally, no more than six courses taken as a Special Student may apply to Track One or Track Two Status. 


Application Fee $30.00
Tuition (per course) $40.00
Returned Cheque Fee $35.00

Please complete a contact form if you are interested in taking a course (other than in the Province of the UK and Ireland which has its own arrangements).